An Adult Education Course for Retirees


About the Course

Whether your objective is to become more active, give your life a new sense of purpose or make more informed financial decisions, Rejuvenate Your Retirement® has something for everyone. This comprehensive course covers the key issues for today's retirees. You discover new ways to stay mentally, physically and socially active, as well as learn about important financial topics such as reducing taxes, assessing investment risk, planning for health care needs, and planning your estate. Above all, you discover how to apply this knowledge to help you pursue a more active, healthy and financially secure lifestyle in retirement.

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Who Should Attend This Course?

This course focuses on the unique concerns, opportunities, and needs that are important to adults aged 64 or above. Whether you're planning to retire soon or currently living in retirement and have financial questions, this course is for you.

Planning Your Income for Life

Making your money last throughout retirement has never been more challenging. People are living longer and fewer retirees have traditional pensions. In recent years, the volatility of the stock and bond markets has been high and interest rates paid by banks have been low. While most retirees are covered by Social Security, this program also faces financial challenges.

Since 2012, Rejuvenate Your Retirement® has been conducted at thousands of schools and colleges across the country.
Courses are taught exclusively by authorized and trained Instructors. No sales presentations are allowed during the course.