An Educational Course for Retirees Age 65+
Course ID: RE615TER

Course Outline
Benefits Of Attending


Practical Information You Can Apply

Now that you're retired, your financial decisions are more important than ever. With so many ways to locate financial information, you must choose the method that's right for you. The information in magazines, and newspapers and on the Internet can be conflicting or biased and no one is available to answer your questions. Rejuvenate Your Retirement® blends life planning activities with time-tested financial strategies to help you make the most of your retirement. This comprehensive course is instructed by a qualified financial professional who can answer your questions and relate course material to real-life examples.


Learn How To

  • Determine what percentage of your assets you must withdraw to meet expenses
  • Estimate how many years your money may last and make any adjustments needed to help your money last longer
  • Calculate the impact of investment choices, rate of return and inflation on your plan
  • Calculate your IRS-required minimum distributions
  • Allocate your assets to minimize risks and maximize income

PictureCourse Textbook

This course includes a financial planning and retirement textbook. It will help you follow along with the presentation and is yours to keep. The examples, illustrations, and checklists in your book make it easy to understand the concepts discussed in class, provide a step-by-step process to apply what you learn, and serve as a convenient reference tool after the course is complete.


Optional Consultation

If your questions are personal or relate to specific financial products, you may arrange to meet privately with your instructor after the course is complete. This consultation is complimentary for class attendees but is not required.